AMP Consultants Ltd. is a company incorporated under Thai law and based in Bangkok specialising in the provision of consultancy services in traffic, transport and public transport planning.  AMP undertakes consultancy projects for road, rail, air and water transport for the public and private sectors.

AMP offers wide-ranging capability and skills that include traffic management, the design and maintenance of civil works, transport and traffic modelling, transport finance and economics, transport cost structure, transport operations, reform of the transport system and road safety.  The company has particular skills in public transport including the feasibility and development of rail and bus-based mass transit systems and the upgrading of railway networks.

AMP also has skills in logistics feasibility and planning; cargo handling and management; the development and operation of freight terminals.  It has also provided advice on the upgrading, electrification and logistics capability of a freight railway.

Since the inception of the company more than 20 years ago, AMP has provided advice on urban land use planning and development; the development of tourism; and the environmental impact of transport and development projects.


The company provides specialist services in logistics operations and distribution software; the development, application and maintenance of Geographic Information Systems; the establishment of databases and their use in Management Information Systems; the development of passenger information systems; and the improvement of communications networks.

AMP can provide advice on the establishment of joint ventures; fund-raising; the benefits of investment in transport and logistics projects; quantitative economics; and statistical cost accounting.

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